Want to successfully market your Etsy shop for MUCH less than "the price of a cup of coffee"?

FACT : Creating Etsy treasuries is the proven way to increase sales of your shop... (see how below)

Our App Makes Treasuries For You Automagically in Less Than Two Minutes and YOU get the credit!

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Automagic Treasuries

Yes! Within minutes of joining the treasury club you can be making gorgeous treasuries automagically :)

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A Marketing Method That Works!

Millions of products are for sale on Etsy... You need a secret tool to help you compete!

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It's Time To Stand Out From The Crowd

Start building popularity and traffic now with our automated treasury builder..

Extra Traffic Equals Extra Sales!

You'll soon see the extra "buzz" around your shop and items. That "Buzz" often leads to sales...

100% risk free as satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back!

NOTE: Membership will have to be restricted to a lucky few so don't miss out!

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Q: Do you really mean if I don’t like it or I am not satisfied at the end of the first month I can get my money back?

A: Yes, just ask and you will receive a 100% refund, no hassles at all and no need to even give a reason.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Our treasury creator packs run from only $10 to $25 a month (100 treasuries @ 25cts each)!

Yes, you really can market your Etsy shop for as little as $0.25cts! :)

You can also top up and increase the number you can make infinitely.

Simply put, the more treasuries you can make the more traffic you will get... :)


Q: Does it work for PC, Mac, Tablets or Phone?

A: It's a web based app so as long as you can access a web page you can run Treasury Club's automatic treasury maker.


Q: Can I edit or delete the treasuries?

A: Yes, you can edit them or delete them as you wish at any time just by logging in to your Etsy account.


Q: Is this available to all Etsy shop owners?

A: Yes, but we will restrict membership to just a few to avoid overcrowding as only so many can get into the top results for certain items and so this offer could close at any time.


Q: Can you guarantee my shop's success?

A: No, but we'll try hard to help you make it happen! :)


Q: Is there a limit on how many treasuries I can make?

A: No, Etsy allow you to make as many as you like so you are only limited by how many credits you have...


Q: Can I buy extra credits at any time?

A: Yes, You get a base pack of 20, 50 or 100 credits in your choice of pack and, if you run out, you can purchase credit packs as you wish...


Q: How will this app help me?

A: Ideally you should make many treasuries as the more you make the more successful you will be...

The problem is that manually doing it could take 8 or more hours every day!

With this app you can make a treasury in Less Than Two Minutes...

Make as many as you want and see the results for yourself!

Remember there is no risk as you have our iron clad, no quiblle 100% money back guarantee if you aren't convinced in your first month ;)

What's The "Secret" of Treasuries?


There is a massive "secret" that not many know and that is the fact that many of the buyers on Etsy are shop owners themselves and there are over a Million of them!

By creating treasuries you will be helping other shop owners to promote their products and often they will visit your shop after you include one of their items in a treasury.

As you helped them they often will buy from you if they (or someone else they know) are looking for whatever you are selling.

You'll be amazed how effective this is!

It used to be that you could rise up to the top of search results by renewing your items on a (very!) regular basis as Etsy used to sort by recentness when showing search results.

Now they have a new "algorithm" (software filter) that ranks by "popularity" and having your items featured in Etsy treasuries helps to improve that poularity...

Making a few treasuries gets a little bit of extra traffic... Making a LOT of lovely looking treasuries gets you a LOT of extra traffic...

The more traffic you get the more sales you will make...

Who Is This Offer For


Every shop owner can make treasuries manually but not many have the time to do it every single day which is what it takes to get your items rising up in the popularity stakes...

It can take 20 minutes to an hour to manually produce a good looking treasury and busy creative people have better things to do.

This app creates beautiful treasuries for you in less that two minutes AUTOMATICALLY and you can make as many as you like*...

If you are one of those busy, creative people then this offer is for you! :)

Our 100% No Quibble No Hassle Guarantee


Simply put this method works but we know that often you need to see it for yourself.

It takes time for the "algorithm" to recognize and reward popularity and so we are offering a whole month for you to try Treasury Club out for yourself. Make a whole load of gorgeous treasuries and see for yourself how this will help your Etsy shop.

If you don't like it or feel it is worth it then simply drop us a line and we'll refund you 100% without and questions of hassle whatsoever... That way you can relax and reap the beneefits without any risk...

100% risk free as satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back!

NOTE: Membership will have to be restricted to a lucky few so don't miss out!

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This is absolutely one of the best Etsy marketing tools that I have ever used. It brought in so much extra traffic to my shop.
Jeff (shop details kept prvate by request)


I sold over 1200 Etsy success guides in a few short weeks from my Etsy shop using this incredible system thanks to you guys!
Jenny (www.EtsyShopSecrets.com)

100% risk free as satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back!

NOTE: Membership will have to be restricted to a lucky few so don't miss out!

arrow Try It For One Month And Prove It Yourself!
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